Bit & Chain Guards

Easy-fit gel bit guard

The Horsena Esay Fit Gel Bit Guard is the best solution to protect the mouth from pinching and gain more bit control. It’s space-saving design leaves free mobility to the mouthpiece and the rings, encouraging the natural horse’s chewing. The ultra-thin design provides optimal protection without altering the size of the bit. It also provides adequate support to the bit, keeping it straight and balanced in the mouth, allowing better control and responsiveness. The innovative design made of a network of through holes ensures that the foam generated during the horse’s exercise can escape smoothly, allowing good air circulation and liquids drainage. The anti-slip properties of the gel keeps the Bit Guard in the correct position, avoiding rotations or other unwanted movements. Made of hypoallergenic and antibacterial gel, it eliminates the risk of allergic reactions and irritations. Extremely elastic, it’s easy to fit and adapts to any type of bit. Suited for all equestrian disciplines. Easy to clean under running water. Store it in a dry place. Do not expose to direct heat sources. Made in Italy.

Bit guard technical features

Comfort gel chain guard

The Horsena Comfort Gel Chain Guard offers a quick and effective protection against chafing caused by the chain, preventing irritation and injury. The special polka dot protrusions, placed in contact with the horse’s skin, allow a better adherence, increase blood circulation and give a pleasant massaging effect. The elastic and shock-absorbing gel helps to reduce curb chain shocks by distributing pressure evenly. It is designed to keep the chain in the correct position, avoiding the twisting and overlapping of the rings. Ideal for horses with sensitive jaws. Easy to clean under running water. Store it in a dry place, do not expose to direct heat sources. For correct assembly, please follow the instructions inside the package. Made in Italy.

Chain guard technical features

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