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Love, passion, and knowledge go into our products, from research and development of the best materials to the unique style and design. We produce high-quality performing products and gear for horse lovers: we provide authentic and concrete answers to the needs of the horse and rider to improve the well-being and performance of both.


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Swap Stirrup

Made with high quality materials, the Horsena Swap Stirrups are designed to ensure comfort and safety.

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Slim Gel Pad

Ideal for all types of saddle, horse and rider. Light and extra-thin, nearly invisible, it gives an excellent grip on the saddle.

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Regular Gel Pad

Perfect for all types of saddles, horse and rider. The special hexagonal gel structure makes it perfect for the rider who needs an indiscreet shock absorber.

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Bit & Chain Guards

The Horsena Gel Accessories collection is the best solution to protect the mouth from pinching and chafing gaining more bit control.

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Pro-light Bell Boots

Horsena Pro-Light Bell Boots combine an extremely low weight with a high degree of shock absorption.

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Back Balance Gel Pad

The anatomical design and gradual thickness with rear increase makes the Back Balance Gel Pad perfect when a support in the rear part is needed.

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Front Balance Gel Pad

The anatomical design and gradual thickness with front increase makes the Front Balance Gel Pad perfect to give support to the saddle.

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